Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay

Demon Possession (Shadow Quest, #1)Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Apparently, Demon guys are super duper horn dogs. Just looking at a pretty girl turns ’em on. Sebastian just can’t seem to stop telling us about his thingy and he calls it his ‘shaft’. So I kept hearing this guy’s theme song.

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Not a winner for me. Analia is a self sacrificing Mary Sue, and everybody loves her. Demon + Captain of a spaceship should = true love in my book. Alas, I didn’t like Sebastian much either. He was all never-gonna-fall-in love, which was great. He had to go ruin everything by getting all cheesy. He didn’t do the Alpha thing. Talked the talk but didn’t walk he walk, too bad. Not my cuppa tea.

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Mortal Danger by Ann Agguire

Mortal Danger (Immortal Game, #1)Mortal Danger by Ann Aguirre
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Meet Edith Kramer, a girl at the end of her rope. This brilliant, bullied girl has very logically planned her own death and is stopped the second before she tips over the edge.

Kian is unbelievably handsome, but he’s not one of the cruel ‘beautiful people’. He offers her a mysterious bargain that’ll enable her to get the revenge she’s so desperate for. Edie may have been about to end it all, but this girl’s no fool. In fact, she’s an incredible genius. She knows there’s another side to the coin, that paying for the favors Kian can grant could very well be a deal worse than simple death.

Thankfully, she accepts his offer and we have this amazing story as the result. This girl is going to make those bullies pay! “…it made me sick, that I could still be this full of hate. I knew for the sake of my own mental health I had to let it go. But I couldn’t. Not yet. Edie felt so real to me, I felt her pain and lonliness. I was never bullied as extremely as she was, but her despair and shame spoke to my heart.

Kian is an ally that she can’t exactly trust. She doesn’t know his agenda. Soon, it’s obvious that they’re out of their depth. Edie faces horrors she never knew existed.
“Only a lifetime of training in the school of If You Cry, We Win kept my poker face intact.”

The ‘powers that be’ in the big scheme of the plot were a little vague. I expect that the immortal power players will be fleshed out more in coming books. Though there were a few murky spots when I wasn’t sure where things were headed, my interest never wavered. I blame Edie, she’s a unique, brave character and I was emotionally invested.

“Pillar of salt. That was the only thing I knew about looking back, so I didn’t.”

At first, I mistakenly assumed that Edie’s scholarly parents didn’t care about her. So did Edie. It turns out, they’re just socially oblivious, thinking isolation & the sole pursuit of academics is normal behavior. Dating is a new thing for all of them, and her dad is full of hilarious warnings not to trust anyone with a penis! One of my favorite aspects of
the story was the relationship she developed with her parents.

I was concerned with the ‘looks versus person inside’ issue and wondered how the author would handle it. Edie’s mom is a strong feminist who’s not written as an extremest. I can 100% say that women were portrayed positively in this book and there weren’t any shallow messages that beauty will make you happy. 6 Stars and a Unicorn! Very highly recommended.

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